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Hair and Beauty

Future Trends



  • According to the Hairdressers Journal, the future of hairdressing could include: salons becoming carbon neutral and water wastage kept to a minimum, 100% natural hair colour, customised haircare for each client at the in-salon laboratory, and laser scissors making hair cuts more precise and faster than ever,

  • Beauty is also becoming more technical, which means cosmetic scientists will be in strong demand. According to a report on the UK industry by cosmetics/beauty product manufacturer L'Oreal, the key innovations will come from advancements in genomics (the study of genes in the skin), proteomics (the study of proteins in the skin) and stem cell research

  • Supermarkets might become a threat to the high street hair and beauty salons - Tesco, for instance, have recently opened a trial salon at one of its stores and is looking to open 70 beauty stores across the country featuring spray tans, hair cuts and nail services 

  • Beauty salons could also face increased competition from the medical and dental profession - some are starting to offer 'non-invasive' beauty treatments such as Botox (a diluted poison) injections

  • Hair, beauty and spa businesses are affected to some extent by the local economy and local competition so that some businesses do better than others but, overall it is a growth sector, in spite of the recession.

  • There's also been a record growth (of over 50% from 2010-2011) in online beauty sales. Although this shows that people are still willing to treat themselves, it could eventually lead to lower sales in beauty salons and spas

  • Selling skills will therefore grow in importance, whether it is to encourage clients to buy hair or beauty products, or persuading them to try expensive treatments. Small beauty salons in particular need to recoup costs on any new equipment they might have bought 

  • The spa industry in the UK and overseas has been a big success story - with the continued interest in health, fitness and beauty, the sector is likely to continue to do well, although people will expect better value


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