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Hair and Beauty



Beauty Therapy

  • Beauty therapists typically earn between £12,000 and £17,000 a year
  • Managers of beauty salons may earn more than £20,000 a year.


  • Hairdressers often start on or around the National Minimum Wage but with experience can earn £20,000 to £30,000     
  • Tips from clients are also an important additional source of income.

Nail Services

  • Qualified nail technicians can earn from around £12,000 to around £16,000 a year
  • Experienced technicians with management responsibilities may earn up to £25,000.

Spa Therapy

  • Spa therapists may earn from around £12,000, when newly qualified. 
  • Spa managers may earn up to £40,000.

Salary figures (Nov 2011) are mostly taken from the Next Step website, and are for guidance only because pay can depend on various factors, including location, qualifications and experience.