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Job Market


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How to find job vacancies in Gloucestershire

About the job market situation in Gloucestershire?

How to find job vacancies in Gloucestershire

There are lots of places to find out where the current job vacancies in Gloucestershire are, including :

The Youth Support Service

If you are between 13 and 19 years old, or up to 25 years old if you have additional educational needs, you can ask for help from Gloucestershire Youth Support Service - see our website for more details.

The Youth Support Service works with local employers and training providers to advertise and help to recruit for local jobs with training and Apprenticeships. You can find out more about local opportunities by calling in to your local YSS Centre - want to find us?

The Youth Support Service can also help you with applying for work or apprenticeships.  

Visit the Yes2Jobs website whch will give you access to local employers- offering details about their organisation and what they can offer.

Apprenticeship vacancies can also be found on the National Apprenticeship Vacancy website

Jobcentre plus offices

You can call in to your local Jobcentre Plus office or search for job opportunities online .  You will need to go to Job Search, select the type of job you are looking for and then search on your local area by town name or postcode.

Local newspapers

You can search local newspapers online for job vacancies and also check out the news stories about new companies that are planning to open up in the area. 

 Local newspapers include:

-       Gloucester Citizen

-       Cheltenham Echo

-       Forester

-       Stroud News and Journal

-       Wilts and Glos Standard

-       Cotswold Journal

Jobs advertised in local Gloucestershire newspapers can be found on

Recruitment and Employment Agencies

You can call in to local recruitment and Employment agencies or use online recruitment sites such as - or access the most popular job recruitment agency sites from .  You can also do local searches on these sites.

If you would like to find out more about the job market situation in Gloucestershire in a particular job sector such as Business, Administration and Finance - check out our Job sector pages. 

About the job market situation in Gloucestershire


Figures such as the number of vacancies and job seekers in Gloucestershire are collected officially for the previous month, quarter or year. It's vital, particulary in this current time of economic change,  that you get the most up-to-date figures on offer  to get an accurate picture of the job market in Gloucestershire. Use the links below to the key official sites of organisations that publish figures as they are released.

Nomis web  - is the official labour market statistics site.  You will need to follow the link, select Neighbourhood and then search on the Gloucestershire county link.

UK National Statistics Site  - gives access to all UK statistics including figures about the job market and a quarterly local labour market report.

Jargon?  Need to know about what some of the words used on these pages mean?  Check out our Jargon Buster.


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Destinations 2012
Gloucestershire Youth Support Team undertakes an annual survey of all Year 11 young people to ascertain their movement when they reach official school leaving age. The following charts provide details of the Activity Survey completed by Gloucestershire Youth Support Team between September and December 2012