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During their teenage years, your daughter/son will be making vital decisions about their future plans. There's no doubt that these decisions are not easy - especially as there are more choices on offer than ever before. 

In addition the World of Work is changing all the time, new jobs are being created and some are being lost. Your daughter or son may ask you for help - so knowing what is happening and what opportunities are on offer is crucial so that you can help them with their career planning and decision making.  Why not use this world of work site to find out more?

Starting points for finding out about the World of Work

This World of Work Gloucestershire site provides information about the job market as well as all the different job sectors to help you think about the areas of work you are interested in.

So why not use this site to find out all about: 

  • Different job sectors to help you find out more about the different areas of work. Go to job sectors and start exploring.
  • The job market to help you find out about the range of industries and type of work available. Go to the job market and find out more  
  • The skills that employers are looking for... to help your son or daughter develop the right skills for their future . Go to employability skills
  • Where the jobs will be in the future help you find out where the opportunities may be in the future to support your son or daughter's plans. Go to future jobs 

Starting points for finding out about local courses

For more information about the courses and work-based training on offer locally and further afield visit UCAS Progress

You could also click on the section that applies to your son or daughter:

If you feel that your son or daughter is very confused at the moment or you want to talk to someone and get some expert advice about their plans - don't forget you can contact your local Youth Support Centre for information, advice and guidance - find out more about where to get help