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Retail Business

What's happening locally




  • The retail industry in Gloucestershire employs around 42,000 people.

  • In common with the rest of the UK, only a tiny percentage of employers have more than 50 staff. 

  • The largest individual employers are the supermarkets, a few of which are open 24-hours and which will therefore have the greatest need for staff.

  • Town/city centres such as Cheltenham’s (e.g. High Street, Beechwood Shopping Centre and Regent Arcade) and retail parks (such St Oswald’s in Gloucester) have the most opportunities. Many shops in smaller towns and rural settings have fewer opportunities, and may rely heavily on tourism for their business

  • Gloucester's 'Railway Triangle' site has recently been given permission to build a new supermarket (Morrison's) and petrol station. Also, Tesco's have applied to re-build their St Oswald's store, which they say will lead to more jobs (although the competition could lead to fewer jobs in competing shops), whilst both Sainsbury's and Asda have applied to build superstores in Cinderford. 

  • The continuation of Gloucester Quays revamp is also getting closer. The outlet first opened in 2009 and according to This is Gloucester, has provided around 1.000 jobs for retail workers.

  • Business and industrial parks can be a good place to find warehouse jobs


Examples of retail business employers/locations in Gloucestershire