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Business, Administration and Finance

The Job Market




  • Employers report difficulty in recruiting skilled business and administration staff.
  • When the economy is suffering, admin support workers are sometimes first in line to be let go.
  • An increasing number of experienced secretaries become 'virtual assistants' working from home as freelance administrators.
  • There is plenty of competition for administration jobs in some work areas (such as arts, entertainment and media) because some see it as a way to break into hard-to-enter professions.
  • Opportunities for highly skilled workers (such as those with specific languages and those with excellent IT skills e.g. Microsoft Office) still exist but entry and lower level positions are harder to come by and competition can be intense.


  • As above, employers report difficulty in recruiting skilled staff
  • According to the UK for Trade and Investment, management consultancy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and the largest outside the USA.
  • It also reports that we are the world's second largest market for market research
  • CfA (business skills @ work) report that 4.5 million employees within the UK operate within management roles or require management skills
  • The UK is renowned for its entrepreneurial and inventive abilities but not everyone who starts their own business needs to invent something ... extremely hard work and the right product might be enough. With a difficult economy, some see self employment as the only option.
  • Increasingly, universities and colleges are encouraging young people to consider self employment but if possible it's worth spending some time working for an employer in order to build skills and get valuable contacts.


  • Over one million people work in financial services in the UK. 
  • Many jobs are based in specific UK locations, such as London and Leeds (the second largest financial centre outside the capital)
  • This sector has been hit badly by the current economic problems but predictions are for financial services to eventually stabilise as these services are central and essential to our economy.
  • The financial services sector is the UK's most global industry - this means there are growing opportunities to travel and work abroad.
  • Most people start in the industry with level 3 and/or level 4 (Degree level) qualifications.
  • Queries and sales in banking, credit and insurance organisations are increasingly being dealt with by large call centres - affecting the number of staff meeting customers face-to-face and the need for lots of small local branches.