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What's happening locally



  • Manufacturing is extremely important for Gloucestershire even if, as in the rest of the UK, the industry overall is on the decline

  • About 14% of jobs are in manufacturing. NB this includes a few headquarters of major companies, where admin, finance, human resources etc functions are carried out, rather than actual manufacturing

  • The work is often hi-tech. A number of employers are involved with the medical, aerospace and defence sectors, for instance

  • According to Gloucestershire Local Economic Assessment 2011, businesses with the most employees are those involved in advanced engineering (about 21% of employees) followed by machinery and equipment, then fabricated metal products, then food and drink, then publishing and printing ...right down to textiles/clothing (around 1% of manufacturing employees)

  • Although some of the companies are huge, such as hi-tech firm Renishaw (which makes industrial measuring equipment), the vast majority are small. Some, especially those in the creative industries (jewellery design, pottery, etc), consist of just one or two people

  • The economy has affected how well companies are doing but other factors, including takeovers and mergers have also had an impact. The Cheltenham-based headquarters of Kraft Foods (which took over Cadbury's in 2010) and which employed 450 people, closed in 2011,

  • On the other hand, some employers are doing well. Renishaw, which had to lose staff in 2009, had increased sales growth throughout the world in 2010

Examples of manufacturing employers in Gloucestershire