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Information Technology

What's happening locally




  • There are plenty of employers in Gloucestershire whose staff use IT skills on a daily basis. The public sector (e.g. Gloucestershire Council and Cheltenham Borough Council) is traditionally a large employer of such workers. Competition for such jobs is strong, however

  • Private sector employers of admin workers (who often require good knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel) include insurance and travel/tour companies. Some, especially those involved with finance, will also employ IT professionals.

  • Computer shops, which may require staff with a technical background, tend to be based in town centres

  • Technical employers (e.g. those connected to engineering) often require high level IT skills 

  • Cirencester is a 'hotspot' for computer/IT companies

  • According to the National STEM Centre (science, technology, engineering and maths), IT skills are one of the shortage skills highlighted by employers in the South West


Examples of information technology employers in Gloucestershire