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What's happening locally




  • Hospitality is a significant part of the tourism industry in Gloucestershire, a sector which is extremely important in terms of the money it brings into the local economy and the employment it offers - around 8% of those employed in Gloucestershire work in tourism/similar (more than 19,000 jobs).  

  • Most employers do not have large numbers of staff. Hotels, for instance, are often family-run and small, although there are a few hotels with 100+ rooms.

  • Many of the large hotels are run by major chains, such as the French owned Accor or the Spanish owned Barcelo - for employees who want to move abroad to work, Gloucestershire can be a good place to start! Also, especially in the Cotswolds, there are numerous country house hotels, some of which are at the top end of the price budget and so employ many staff. Country house hotels sometimes run big events, such as weddings

  • When it comes to restaurants and cafes, there are a few chains (Pizza Hut, Nanos, etc) but also lots of independents and, as in other parts of the UK, skilled chefs are in short supply. Catering opportunities might also exist in schools, and in some of Gloucestershire's tourist attractions, such as zoos and gardens 

  • Getting involved in Cheltenham Festivals as a volunteer could be a way to find out more about events organising

  • Cheltenham's food and drink festival could be useful for possible contacts

  • Tourist centres/websites, such as Visit Cheltenham, can provide information on hotels/restaurants in the area

Examples of hospitality employers in Gloucestershire 

NB hotels which are part of chains are sometimes taken over by other chains - so the name might change