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Construction and the Built Environment

What's happening locally


  • Figures from 2008 (the latest Government figures available) show that around 11,100 people are employed in the construction industry in Gloucestershire - just over 4% of the total employment  NB these figures don't take into account self employment, which is an important part of the industry, especially in the craft trades.

  • Most employers in Gloucestershire are small. There are a few firms with more than 50 employers but the vast majority of people work for companies far smaller.

  • As in the rest of the country, the industry has suffered but major projects are still underway or in the planning stages, which may offer varied opportunities. Past recent projects include the £400 million regeneration of Gloucester Quays - and current ones include the total redevelopment of Cheltenham's Art Gallery and Museum (additional galleries, larger cafe, etc).

  • In addition, permission has recently been given to redevelop the former Gloscat College site with houses, a medical centre and community facilities. Another major project is the regeneration of Gloucester city centre (King's Quarter) - work is expected to begin in 2013 or 2014.     

Examples of construction and the built environment employers in Gloucestershire

NB Craft/trade opportunities are unlikely to be widely available (sub-contractors often provide such staff to large companies).