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Business, Administration and Finance

What's happening locally


  • Almost all employers in the public sector in Gloucestershire - such as schools, hospitals and government departments - are likely to have at least a few members of staff who use their admin skills on a daily basis. Many also employ finance staff.

  • There are some very large public sector employers in the area although, unfortunately, as elsewhere the recession has had an effect - for instance Gloucestershire Council and GCHQ have undergone job losses recently. Councils have in the past always been one of the best places to start if thinking about a job using administration skills, as so many of the roles required them but with the downturn in the economy any admin-related jobs that are advertised are likely to attract huge numbers of applicants. .

  • As well as public sector employers, Gloucestershire is the base for some large companies in the private sector.- any of these firms, regardless of the main work area, could employ admin and finance staff. Larger companies/organisations often advertise online but finding out which of the smaller private firms have vacancies will take more effort. ,

  • Many of the 9000 or so employers who offer financial or business services in Gloucestershire are small - the vast majority have fewer than 10 members of staff. Bigger ones include the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group HQ, which is currently the largest private sector employer in Gloucester city centre, and Cheltenham and Gloucestershire HQ (a former building society, now a major mortgages lender, and a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group), also in Gloucester

Examples of business, administration and finance employers in Gloucestershire