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What is Labour Market Information & Intelligence?


Labour Market Information is information all about what is happening in the world of work such as....

  • the number of job vacancies in each job sector
  • the types of vacancies - full-time, temporary, seasonal or permanent
  • the general trends in the working world
  • the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for
  • the number of people looking for work.

Labour Market Information could be in the form of statistics, charts and graphs using hard figures, or it could be information that you discover yourself. For example, you may read in a newspaper that a company is recruiting, or hear a friend talking about the low cost supermarket where she works that has plans to expand.

Labour Market Intelligence is the way in which professional researchers use all the information out there about the Job Market and interpret what is happening to make it more understandable.

Labour Market Intelligence can result in Job Predictions information.  Job predictions can enable you to see which jobs may disappear, or grow, and about any new jobs on the horizon. They also outline the employability skills you need, but do remember that they are predictions and you need to treat them with care.

Labour Market Information and Intelligence are very important when you're making decisions about career choices, jobs, and courses - as you need to know how the job market might change in a few years and if the jobs that interest you now will still be there in the future.

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