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Travel and Tourism

What is it?


The travel and tourism industries cover jobs related to UK travel and tourism, and travel and holidays overseas. Travel is not always for leisure or holidays - it could also be, for example, for business or visiting family.

Low-budget airlines, internet bookings and e-ticketing have transformed the travel and tourism industry. Increasingly people buy different parts of their travel themselves directly from, for example, airlines and accommodation providers.

To make it easier to find what you need for your career planning, we have split some of this information into the main work areas of:

  • Travel and tourism services and visitor attractions 
  • Passenger transport

The information has been divided into:

Travel and tourism businesses often employ people from other closely related sectors - for example a UK theme park is a visitor attraction and part of the UK tourism industry but jobs would also include those in the hospitality, retail business and leisure sectors.  So you may also find it useful to look at the hospitality, retail and sport/active leisure sectors.


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Travel and tourism Gloucestershire January 2012
the current and future job market, local information, and contacts