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There is no set rate of pay for apprentices in any industry including manufacturing, however all employed apprentices must receive a wage of no less than £2.50 per hour and a survey from November 2010 showed that the average wage per week for an apprentice was around £170 and in some job roles around £210 per week. In a difficult economic climate, employers may not be willing to pay as much.

Apprentices receive the same beneļ¬ts as other employees such as pension contributions, subsidised canteen and leisure facilities (if they exist!)

Operative level

Salaries for operatives depend on the manufacturing sector – they range from around £10,000 but could be as high as £20,000 a year. Average pay for operatives with some experience is around £14,000 a year.

Skilled and Technician

Salaries for technicians and skilled workers also depend on the sector and whether or not there is a shortage of people with that specific skill. Amounts range from about £18,000 a year but could be as high as £45,000 a year.


Managers earn from around £22,000 up to as high as £75,000 a year or even more in a few senior management roles in some manufacturing sectors.

Salary figures for many of the manufacturing sectors can be found on the Next Step website,