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Information Technology




Information and communication technology managers (job titles include: computer manager, computer operations manager, systems manager).

  • plan, organise and co-ordinate the work needed to operate and provide information communication technology services
  • maintain and develop associated network facilities
  • provide software and hardware support.

IT strategy and planning professionals (job titles include computer consultant, software consultant)

  • provide advice on the effective use of information technology solve business problems or improve the effectiveness of business functions.

Forensic/security professionals (job titles include computer crime analyst, data recovery manager, forensic investigator)

  • take part in investigations for their employer (e.g. the police, security services, banks)
  • investigations could concern hacking, fraud, industrial espionage, terrorist communications etc
  • tasks could include securing the IT system or hardware to make it as tamper-proof as possible, using specialist computer programs to find, recover and copy data and follow electronic data trails

Software professionals (job titles include analyst-programmer, computer programmer, software engineer, systems analyst)

  • are responsible for all aspects of software systems - design, application, development, operation


IT operations technicians:(job titles include: computer operator, database manager, IT technician, web master)

  • responsible for the day-to-day running of computer systems and networks including the preparation of backup systems
  • perform regular checks to make sure that the systems function well.

IT user support technicians (job titles include: help desk operator, IT helpline support officer, support technician)

  • are usually responsible for providing technical support, advice and guidance to customers and, within an organisation, IT users
  • may provide this support directly to the individual or by telephone, e-mail or other network interaction.

IT ADMINISTRATION JOBS e.g. computer clerk, data entry clerk, data processor

  • Role usually includes creating, maintaining, preserving and updating information held in electronic databases, computer files, voice-mailboxes and email systems

IT ENGINEERING JOBS e.g. computer maintenance engineer, computer service technician

  • install, maintain and repair personal computers, mainframe and other computer hardware.